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Striving for Perfection

All American Axe Company

We produce the finest working axes in the world. With respect to our other American and European axe-making brethren we that our American-made hand-forged axes are decidedly better than any other product on the market. It is a lofty claim to be sure. So we back this up with scientifically optimized designs, the finest steel, the most skilled blacksmiths, a superior heat-treating process, and only the finest A+ AAA grade US Hickory Handles.  The end result is a working axe that cuts easier, splits better, retains its edge longer, is easy to maintain, and allows you to get more work done with less energy.​


It's an All American Love Story

We use the most talented craftsmen and superior materials from across the nation.

...​ To create the world’s finest axe, we first studied and tested the best axe designs from around the world. We used advanced computer aided design technology to perfect both the axe head and handle geometry. Each tool is optimized for a specific task. By designing each tool for a given task we were able to eliminate the compromised axe designs many brands have settled for over the ages.   ​ Each All American Axe is 100% Made in the USA and hand Forged by master blacksmiths using the best AAA grade materials. Each axe head starts life in a steel mill in Texas, it is then hand-forged individually by master blacksmiths in our Colorado workshop led by one-time forged in fire champion Ron Hardman. Once the axe head is forged, it is subjected to our proprietary heat treating process which maximizes the tool’s hardness, toughness, and edge retention.  Each axe head is then individually fitted with a handle made from only the finest hand selected AAA grade American Hickory heart wood. Our All American Axe handles are designed and carved in the Blue Ridge mountains by legendary American axe maker Liam Hoffman. Each finished axe comes with its own top grade leather axe head cover hand crafted in our own leather workshop. ​ This manufacturing journey is what inspired the name All American Axe. It is truly an American tale that brings together cutting edge science and engineering combined with legendary American craftsmanship to forge a working axe that is unrivaled anywhere on the planet. By using only the finest materials, and our no compromise approach, we are able to create an axe that is lighter and more efficient than mass-produced consumer grade axes. The result is a working axe that effortlessly performs its job while making your life easier. We think the result is as beautiful as it is functional; an heirloom quality masterpiece that will serve you for generations to come.  

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