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Introducing the the Fireside Splitter by the All American Axe Company.  


Advanced Design

This axe is designed for one purpose, to split cord wood.  Whether you cut your own or buy it at the lodge, splitting cord wood is the most common use for an axe in the US today. This axe head's design places maximum weight in line with the splitting edge. The head width is also narrrowed to allow you to choke up on the axe for easy feathering and tinder making.


No blister was sparred in the testing of this axe. Each All American axe head is engineered and tested for optimal blade and head geometry and applied against a specific modern-day use case. We bought every market-leading lightweight splitting axe from North America and Europe and then tested them on all types of wood: soft pine, hard wood, dry, wet, straight, and gnarly.  We didnt stop testing until we were satisfied that our splitter outperformed all others. In the end. their can be only one.  


The Fireside Splitter's handle is ergonomically curved for both single-hand and two-hand use and shaped to maximize the applied force while reducing fatigue. 


The Finest Materials 

  • 100% made in the USA 
  • American milled 4140 steel
  • Hand forged in Colorado 
  • Proprietary heat treatment 
  • AAA+ hand select hickory handle 
  • Hand shaped ergonomic design 
  • Hand sanded finish
  • Finished in a signle coat of boiled linseed oil
  • Signature Black walnut wedge
  • Hand dyed & burnished leather
  • Hand crafted leather Axe cover
  • Length overall 15”


Unrivaled Expertise 

Our axes are forged in our workshop located in Colorado Springs, Colorado. Our workshop is the home forge for more History Chanel Forged in Fire Champions and contestants than any other forge in America. 


We also operate a fully sanctioned American Bladesmith Society workshop and educational facility where we run the largest blacksmithing school in the world.  


Sustainable Practices 

Our 100% made in America furniture grade Hickory Axe handles are cut and milled using 100% certified sustainable logging practices in professionally managed forests. Our all-natural oil finish and leather dyes are 100% environmentally friendly.  


In a world obsessed with instant gratification and the latest in high technology and convenience, we salute those that still embrace and cherish the great outdoors.  This axe was built for friends, family, and laughter around the campfire.  Take this axe, reach new vistas and build great memories.  We make the finest axes in the world to enhance your finest adventures.  

The Fireside Splitter

SKU: AAA-003
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