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All American Axe Launches at BladeShow 2022

We formally launched our All American Axe line June 2nd, 2022 in Atlanta Georgia, at BladeShow 2022. At the show we featured our US-made hand-forged All American Forester Axe with the 3.2 pound axe head and 24" hickory handle We also previewed the soon to be released All American Campsite Companion Axe.

We want to thank all the brand new axe owners and other booth visitors that helped make our Forester axe debut such a success. Axe buyers seemed to appreciate the chance to buy a premium US-made and hand-crafted working axe. We look forward to launching more of the line soon. The next model up is the All American Campsite Companion axe that we expect to launch later this month.

Thanks again to everyone we met at the show!

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