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Liam Hoffman swings by the CastleGate booth at BladeShow.

It is always a pleasure when we get to see Liam Hoffman. Liam makes our AAA+ hand select US grown hickory axe handles. Liam works in his forge in the Blue Ridge Mountains while we work out of our forge half way across the country in the Rocky Mountains. So, while we work closely together, we don't often get to see each other face to face.

Here, All American Axe Company CEO Hal Van Hercke and Liam Hoffman stop for a quick photo in the CastleGate Knife & Tool booth at BladeShow 2022. Liam is considered by many to be the finest custom axe maker in America and has been a key inspiration for us at All American Axe. Hal is serial entrepreneur, owner of both CastleGate Knife & Tool and the All American Axe Company and a 10 year knife industry veteran.

This is one of the great things about BladeShow and about our industry as a whole. From the newest knife maker, to the most seasoned industry stalwart, we work together, we share ideas, we collaborate to make the industry bigger and better.

Which one of these two looks more seasoned to you? In Hal's defense he is more than twice as old as Liam!

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