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Making an All American Axe

Updated: May 4, 2023

Making an All American Axe

In March 2022 I realized that we had a problem. As the owner of CastleGate Knife & Tool, our current US-made axe vendors were not meeting our quality expectations in terms of either product quality or customer service, and frankly they were not treating us as a dealer very well either. Our customers have come to trust us to represent the finest available products, and our existing vendor was becoming unacceptable.

At CastleGate Knife & Tool we pride ourselves on carrying only the finest and most reliable knives, tools, and accessories available. That includes axes. So we got on the phone and spoke with every axe producer in North America and Europe. Every single one… What we learned was that nobody was making a US-made axe that could compete with the finest European axes. Not only that, nobody we spoke with was keeping up with demand. The dealers were not happy with the long lead times caused by unstable global supply chains.

So we realized we had a unique opportunity. Rarely does one get to chance to create something that is truly the best in the world. But that’s the opportunity we saw in front of us.

The marketplace, and our premium axe competitors, had left us an opening and we knew we had the skills, knowledge, and most importantly relationships, to make it happen. So we set out to create 100% made in a US axe that was every bit as good, in fact better, than the finest European axes, and to make the axe entirely in the USA. An axe 100% made in the US with a uniquely American feel. The idea for a truly great US-made axe was born.

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