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Old World Inspiration

Updated: May 4, 2023

Granfors Bruk factory Sweden

Old World Inspiration

Early on in our research we decided to get our hands on every axe we could. This meant buying axes from all over the world. New axes, old axes, expensive axes, cheap axes, etc etc. Over the weeks that followed the axes were pouring steadily into the CastleGate Knife & Tool retail store where we set up camp for our competitive research blitz. There were axes from: the USA, Canada, Mexico, El Salvador, etc. more axes from Asia, axes from all over the USA and especially axes from Sweden, Germany, and Italy, and dozens more.

We were struck by the timeless and simple beauty of the find Swedish axes that are so frequently considered to be the top of the line. But we also admired the pure practicality of the Italian axes and boldness of many of the German designs.

We were also struck by the poor quality of the many US options we purchased. Many claimed to be US companies but their axes were actually made in Asia. Others came in with plastic handles and poor quality steel. Others were back ordered and didn’t come at all. None even remotely rivaled the quality of the finest European axes.

So we new our course was set. We would study the finest axes, take what we could learn from each, and create a hand forged, hand crafted, 100% USA-made axe right here in America. Also, by using only the finest American steel, US-grown and hewn Hickory, and only the finest blacksmiths available, men and women who were award-winning craftsmen having proven themselves by being History Channel Forged in Fire winners and other similar demanding challenges, we new that we could not only give the best Swedish axes a run for their money, we could create something even better. The finest axe in the world.

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