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We know and axe lover when we see one!

Bart Suggs knows a little bit about keeping things sharp. He is the operations manager for Stroup Knives. Located in Fayetteville, North Carolina, Stroup Knives is a veteran-owned company that specializes in outdoor and combat knives.

Like many of us at All American Axe, Bart also knows a few things about axes, having used them from birth as a practical working tool not just a passion or object de art. When Bart is not keeping all things straight and pointy on the knife line at Stroup, he also collects and restores axes.

The more we talked with the team at Stroup, the more we knew we shared a strong set of common values that runs well beyond the love for knives and axes. Things like: duty, honor, country, helping veterans, and serving others. The more we talked with Bart, the more we realized he was a hard-working and straight shooting no BS kinda guy that we love and respect. The more complimented and admired our minty fresh Forester axe, the more we knew he needed one. So, from one band of brothers to another, we gifted him one.

The smile on Bart's face says it all, and that AAA Forester axe has found its forever home!

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